Two other things about Kayne’s Mom

3. When Donda died in 2007, nobody is aware exactly how she died.

As previously mentioned, she died of complications of cosmetic surgery that she had at the time. Her doctor at the time lays the blame with her nephew, whom he believes should have looked out for her more. Some have speculated that she had a pre-existing heart condition.

It is clear though that Kanye West still takes his mother’s death very hard. He said in 2015 that had he not moved to Los Angeles as his career was beginning to move up, his mother would still be alive with him.

4. Kanye has a company is named after her.

A few years after her death, Kanye created a PornFidelity design company that is called DONDA. According to Kanye, he said that DONDA is one of the best design company which specializes in galvanizing amazing thinkers and then put them in a very creative space to make bounce their dreams and ideas”.


Here is one thing that we definitely know about the company – it did struggle for a few years to attract funding before Roc Nation, run by Jay-Z, put up funding.

Whether you think Kanye is cool or not, the fact that he put his mother on his business as a tribute to her says something about him.